Retro with A Twist!


  Here's to investing in favorites for your wardrobe :

Corporate * Wedding * Travel * Leisure  

  As we know, clothing tells a story about who you are. The fabric, cut and color is the interpretation of the designer and the style is how you flaunt it.  It's what you do with a garment, that determines it's direction.
  At Anita the Diva, we focus on giving  our clients the option to make what they are wearing more versatile and their purchases worth the investment. 
  Great accessories are the finishing touch to every outfit.  The right choices will gain you compliments, to really display your style.  Florals and ribbons, are just a few of my favorites.


Thoughtful inspiration for the concept of each collection such as Swarovski crystal, pearls,

semi-precious stones, metallics and other embellishments are used.  Designer and custom pieces are available.   


Here's another exclusive look inside the studio! 


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